Thursday, March 24, 2011

Team-Up Thursday: Spring

Spring is in the air! And Joanna and I set out to capture it this week.

It was a fun and easy theme for me. Spring is everywhere down here in Texas, where we've already had several days in the mid-80s. I'm loving it now...but am really afraid of what it means for the summer! :oP We spent most of the day outside yesterday, barefoot and fancy-free, planting herbs and playing in the sprinkler and enjoying picnics in the tree-house. Yup, spring is here, itty-bitty tomatoes and all!

Spring was a bit more of a challenge for Joanna tho. It's amazing the difference a few hundred miles can make, and up in Minnesota they are still waiting for spring to arrive. Jo didn't let the cold wet weather stop her tho - she still found some spring! I love that she can make a photo of a magazine cover look artsy, and I love it that our pictures have many of the same tones despite the difference in subject matter!


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Joanna said...

Barefoot and fancy free? Running in the sprinklers? Im SO jealous!! Love your hairy tomato plants and great bokeh behind it. Ya, my shot definately wasnt what I was going for....but I think it worked well with our dip. :0)

Corey~living and loving said...

girlfriend...that tomato shot is MONEY! no joke. Perfect light. sigh....I could look at it alllllllllllll day!

Stephanie said...

Your photography is beautiful, and I love your daughter's name! I lived in Texas for years. Love it there...