Thursday, November 11, 2010

Team-Up Thursday: Learn

"Learn something new every day."

Today, I leaned to make sure to hit the SAVE button before hitting the PUBLISH button on blog posts. I failed to do that....and the evil internet obliterated the nice little post I had all typed up. >:oI

So, let's try this again. But I'm keeping it simple this time, because I'm tired of typing! :oP

Joanna and I went with the theme LEARN for this week.

My photo is of my take home test on digestion, which turned out to be surprisingly simple. I'd anticipated a lot of head-scratching clinical questions since it's a take home, but it's all very straightforward. Yay for an easy grade that will let me breathe easy the last few weeks of the semester. And on that note, I am SO ready for this semester to be over!!

Joanna did is again this week, with a simple photo that says a lot. Isn't the idea of a lesson all about ME a nice thought?? Some days I feel like I don't know myself all that well...I just keep surprising myself. ;oP Jo, what DO pages 55-56 have to say about me? That little card was one of many "lesson cards" that came home from school with Ella, and it also has me wondering what is in store for us next year when Nadia's in kindergarten. Bring it on!


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Jessie said...

I am so glad to hear that your test was easier than you thought, that is always nice. Enjoy your break between semesters. I love the processing on your learn shot. I struggle with b/w. Joanna's shot sure is thought provoking and another wonderful b/w process job.

Jen said...

Oh, these shot tie together very nicely. I am glad your test was easier than expected. That is always nice.

Joanna said...

I too love that we both chose to process in b/w. I was admiring the layout and positioning of everything in your shot....specifically the pencil. I'm weird I know. :0P I can just imagine it all being lit by a warmed toned desk lamp while you work late through the night! Like I said, I think we were totally cohesive this week!

carrie said...

beautiful! that is a great theme especially for you - our scholar! :-) i'm glad you got an easy break this week at least.

Kimberly said...

Ooh! That evil blogger! Sorry about your post getting eaten. Love the theme and the similar processing. It seems Carrie and I aren't the only ones who sync up for TUT. :)

HipMomma said...

You are so brave, Christina. Taking on test taking and all that hard work! I have to say that I don't miss it. ;) But I'm sure you are learning more lessons than what the books are teaching you. Great dip, team.

Stacy said...

Great shots - both of you! Glad your test went well and you got a good grade. That is awesome! :)

Maggie said...

Two fabulous shots -- love them both! And good work on your test...I'm so jealous, I would KILL for a take home test :)